Draar is the largest Nation in Aythia and one of the most war-like. Their standing army is one of the largest and most well-equipped and well-trained of the continent. They rely heavily on horsemen, who are some of the best mounted warriors in all of Aythia.

Their sigature black armour and horses strike fear and loathing in the most stalwart of defenders and it is this reputation that has kept Draar from being invaded since The Great War, some 90 years ago.

Draar is ruled by The Prince – self-styled after the leaders of ages past, The Prince rules Draar with an iron gauntlet and has been known to push Draar’s borders fron time to time.

The Prince’s real name has been lost to the ages, but has been ruling Draar for 99 years, since the Great Reformation, when Draar was brought under one banner and adopted the national religion of Karannon (Horseman Diety of War).

The Purge followed, and all those of other religions were either converted or burned alive. Clerics of Karannon wandered the entire land in the name of The Prince and of their Diety Karannon carrying their convert-or-perish message.

Many died or were converted, and officially the Religion of Karannon reigned unopposed. Still to this day however, there exists secret cabals of fervent worshippers of other Gods. They always meet in secret and would never publicly worship any but Karannon.


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