The small coastal town of Bly is located along the Ashen Coast, on the south end of White Cliffs. The city proper is set back from the coast on the eastern end of a rocky plateau, but has a satellite community of fisherman who make the ocean edge home. The western side of the town falls away into farm land that is protected from the ocean winds that buffet the town by the U-shaped plateau.

If one continues through the farmland that feeds Bly, heading further west, they will come to the Aarabilla Foot Hills. Beyond that is the Ravenwood, where few folk from Bly travel.

The River Uloo flows from Eagle Peak to the north-west and flows through the foot hills that dominate the landscape all around its massive form, one tributary of which flows through Bly’s farmland, under the plateau where Bly sits, and on into the Eastern Ocean.

Bly itself has a population of approximately 2000 people, mostly human, who take advantage of the trading ships that pass by and sometimes stop in Bly’s port for supplies. Most of the folk in Bly are reliant on one of the three main trades in town: farming, fishing and trading.

The town in ruled over by a cadre of 5 priests of ????, who worship the ocean and wind aspects of the diety more so than the nature aspect. Some say they have warped the God’s teachings to suit their own ends.

The townfolk of Bly are simple everyday people, busy with putting food on the table and looking after their families. And they like the quiet life. The recent troubles with Lizardfolk threatening their livelihoods sent them into a spin and they are worried that their lives will be changed forever due to it.

Bly has no standing army, only part-time recruits who act as the local militia to keep the peace within the town itself (the fisherman seem to take care of their own problems). There are also a few hunters who warn the officials of any local foreign threat to the town.


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