In the Witch of time...

Aythia: World In Turmoil: episode #8?

The sun was finding its path through a morning sky as returning friends, Aedia and Havloc, accompanied by the ever faithful leapord Meo and newly befriended Elven companion Bishoon Azza made their way back to Hedge Witch Clover; bearing a gift of rare mushrooms she had so desired them to find.

Unexpectadly the group found her house was empty, ransacked and abandoned.

Bishoon spotted tracks of three large humanlike creatures that had come and gone within the last day.    A crow cawed atop the home as the group investigated the scene. Suddenly, recoginsing the familiar caw, druidess Aedia incanted the ancient tongue and began speaking with the crow. The crow spoke to her of three large creatures that had kidnapped Clover and taken her down the plateau away from the city. In return for a delicious snake, the crow took to the air, guiding the friends to the mysterious abductors.

Upon seeing smoke from a distant bonfire, Bishoon volunteered (so to speak) to scout. Down below, rocky ground stretched out, broken only by a moderately sized chasm. beyond the crack a fire was being attended by a large ogrre. Further along rose a rocky pillar, which opened into a cave at its base, blurred with movement.

Returning to inform her companions, Bishoon offered the ability to enlarge one of them to appear the size of the ogres in order to fool them for a small while. Havloc suggested that he be the one to make big, and that he might be able to take the two companions as prisoners to the ogres in order to enhance the ruse.

Aedia expressed some concern that they may not be as prepared as they needed to be for such a battle, and finally consented to support the risky plan in order to bring Clover to safety immediately. She made her way down the rocky floor with Meo, snuck up to a surprise vantage, and prepared herself with Divine energy for the mission.

Unanimously the friends headed into the danger that lay ahead. Aedia signaled Havloc to be enlarged. Havloc grabbed Bishoon and hasted towards the ogre as the sunlight on his back dropped into the horizon; ending the day.

As he came closer, the ogre slowly slid his hand onto his cleaver uncertain of what was coming towards him.  Grumbleing inthe lanuage of the giants, He yelled to Havloc, “stop!” Just before Havloc leaped over a chasm.

Bishoon launched herself off Havloc and weaved magic which the ogres resisted. Aedia and Meo sprang to attack the unprepared ogre blocking the cave. Aedia felled the ogre with a precision swift swing of a scythe, left an ogre that slid into a top and bottom. Now twice his size, Havloc swung and traded steps with the attacking ogre that was once calmed by making the fire. Suddenly, a spiked bolt shot throught the air and beat into Havloc. Atop the rock pillar was an ogre in armour. With two heavy crossbows welded together, he fired at will towards the warrior.

The battle raged on as Bishoon tumbled passed an ogre, getting criticly wounded in the motion. Inside the cave, she searched and found the hedge witch unconscious in a cage. Closer, she easily saw that Clover was hurt, bruised, broken, unconscious – breathing. She reached inside her belt pocket and found a small blue sparkling liquid in a vial; for a moment she hesitated. wondering if it was the potion she guessed it to be and who needed it more at the moment, herself, who might not last long if attacked by an Ogre again, or Clover who was in near lifeless condition. She tipped the liquid into Clover's mouth and observed how her body reconstituted itself, and remained unconscious.

Meanwhile the Battle at the cave's opening had shifted and now only Havloc stood taunting the ogre who was sending metal arrows raining upon him. Aedia and Meo began to climb a rising exit in the back of the cave, likely leading to the top of the pillar behind the ogre. Bishoon carried Clover on her shoulder and headed towards the exit waving Havloc in. Havloc ran and climbed behind Aidia.

Just as Bishoon was pausing to reflect on the situation, she noticed a shadow and turned to see an ogre coming in the cave. “Incoming!” she yelled, seeing a bolt come crying through the air and peircing her body. She dropped to the ground bleeding heavily, Clover's body slamming along side hers. Aedia sensed something had happened beneath her. With 20 feet of fall, she and Meo jumped to the bottom, shocked with pain. She assessed the scene and conjured a small blood sucking deluge to distract the remaining ogre. Havloc attacked the ogre and missed. The ogre retalliated and Havloc smashed to the ground and raced Bishoon to bleed.

Aedia shared her energy to seal the wounds of the bleeding companions and they stabilized just seconds before dying. She leaped past the ogre who busted the body of the small animal draining his neck. Once beyond the ogre she healed the warrior havloc with her last spell, who, leaped up and threw his sword, which changed in size, into the ogre. The ogre, attempting to escape, attacked Aidia with a passion. She held him in conflict just long enough for Havloc to plunge his sword into the ogre's back. In one last burst the ogre ran past the druid Aedia and into the evening. Havloc followed, lept the chasm and aimed a crossbow to no avail as the ogre dodged the final attack and escaped.

They had managed to find Clover, narrowly surviving. They had punished two of her abductors. Clover now lay unconscious together with Bishoon.  Aedia, Meo and Havloc were exhausted and for the time being they were safe.







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