Aythia: World In Turmoil: episodes 9, 10, 11?


When Clover came to, the ogres were gone, Bishoon had also wakened, and both were grateful to be living.

Clover knew what had happened, what they were looking for; it was that orb. She had found it one day in the brook that ambled through the meadow near her cottage.

She brought the group to her home and revealed to them the subject of her kidnapping; an orb hidden under the floor. After healing their beaten limbs, the party headed down to the spot where the orb had been found, planning to continue to the town, and then on to visit Xanwll Cagryll, the only one who Clover thinks will be able to tell them what to do about the orb. As they approached the brook, Clover showed them the very spot that she had found the orb not so long ago. Suddenly a wild looking woman appeared in front of Havloc. A cloud covered them instantaneously. Havloc was weakened by a spell, while the unsuspecting companions wandered blindly in the arcane smoke. Aedia and Meo made it out of the mist and the Druid summoned an Air elemental, which cleared the fog. When their visibility returned, the group could see the mysterious sorceress with a dagger and long finger nails cutting the surface of Clover’s neck, “Give me the orb or the witch dies!”, she demanded. Having waited for the mist to rise, Havloc and Bishoon attacked, while Aedia yelled out desperately, “Wait!”

It was too late, for both the sorceress and the witch.

Clover had been killed. The group was distraught. After laying Clover to rest near the brook, and each saying their goodbyes, they headed back up the hills to Clover’s cottage.

They studied the Orb in detail and recognised it to be the Orb of Marthanos, one of the seven sons of the Evil One, rumoured to have been trapped in a crystal and possibly destroyed by the silver elves. The orb is the long lost Orb of great power, said to be the source of all ‘evil’ creatures. It is ancient and immensely magical, beyond anything they will likely ever see again. They are, of course, in great danger as long as they have the Orb, and now that they have found it, they will be hunted until it is safe. Deciding that the best action is to continue with the plan to see Xanwll, in whom Clover had faith can help, the group gathered their supplies.

They had a sizable fortune of coins found in the cave, and a magical staff of defence, ring of invisibility, and boots of speed, which had been found in the cave and on the now dead sorceress. They gathered a few potions, maps and herbs then descended into the town to prepare for the journey past the border ranges, more than a weeks travel. In the city they bought horses, made dragon hide armour, forged a sword with Clover’s name engraved, scripted magical scrolls, prepared themselves and set off…

A FISHY DINNER on the way

The companions travelled the road west. They discovered ahead of them a wagon overturned, with swordsmen trying to fix a wheel, broken in an attack by goblins. Ahead the swordsman recommended the Catfish Inn, a haven during uncertain nights.

The innkeeper helped them in and welcomed them for dinner. Everything seemed peaceful, perhaps the trip to Xanwll would be easy. While the rest of the group ate dinner, Aedia looked around and noticed something outside. Puddles had appeared, leading up to the inn; she went outdoors with Meo and they investigated. Meanwhile, back at the inn, Bishoon and Havloc too had noticed water on their table, dripping from the ceiling. They decided to see Aedia when the inn suddenly filled with small, weaponed, mouth-less goblin-like creatures.

A chaotic skirmish ensued, with patrons trying to run out the packed hostel, and Aedia and Meo trying to run in. There were much losses on both sides of the ambush.

Just when it seemed like the popular inn was going to be going up in flames, ransacked by the unexpected attack, the innkeeper came to the aid of the hunted travellers by sending them down a hidden exit. He assured them that the word had spread of what they were doing, and that there are friends who stand in secret ready to help…


innkeeper Now again on the road to Xanwll, their horses were kindly sent to their aid. They road into the next large town and were led to the Red Kipper, a moderately sized inn, where they were again greeted and shown to dinner.

The group settled into bed. Bishoon took the middle watch of the night; she seemed to doze off and woke up from her warding spell being engaged; that meant someone else had entered the room! She tried to move and yell but she was paralysed; they had been poisoned.

Two thieves gathered valuables and boasted to one another of how well the poison had worked and how Inny would be happy. As their possessions were all placed into a bag, including the powerful Orb, the travellers listened in to as much to the thieves conversation as they were able. When morning came they found they were left with only what they were wearing to bed.

Downstairs breakfast was roaring away. Bishoon and Meo searched for the trail from the thieves, and Meo soon caught the scent. Aedia prepared her spells for a day of investigation and thief hunting. Havloc marched downstairs and “talked” to the innkeeper, and then the chefs, who responded to his intimidating questioning by denying having any knowledge of the theft. Bishoon later discussed with the innkeeper in detail the robbery and if the he knew anyone that could help find who Inny was. The innkeeper only said that a robbery had taken place 6 months ago and that the city watch had investigated. She sensed the innkeeper was not saying everything.

The group decided that they would follow the scent of the thieves. The trail led to the markets and was lost as the smell of the crowd of market goers grew overwhelming. Once in the markets they looked for their lost goods, but found no trace. Havloc went to the docks on advice from the weapons seller. Speaking to the workers he discovered, to their amusement, that the Inny he was looking for was slang for the innkeeper.

Furiously they returned to speak with the innkeeper. After enough threats the innkeeper was persuaded to reveal his involvement in the theft and to help them meet the thieves. The robbers were meeting the innkeeper at night. The small group waited and ambushed the burglars despite the innkeepers last moment warning.

In the fight, only one robber survived and was convinced to lead them to the master of thieves, which he did, though once there he warned the thieves inside the hideout, and was batted unconscious while his head was being used as a door knocker.

They found the Master of thieves lost in madness with the orb and talking about how the ancient lost deity Marthanos will return and the orb was the key to his resurrection. Having masochated himself with his dagger, the rogue then threw the orb up into their midst, and babbled about failing the dark deity.

The companions gathered their things to leave, and brought with them mad master thief in order to deliver into the hands of the watch.

Just as they left the hideaway and entered the alley they met a large red-eyed stranger, planted firmly in their path, with a long heavy blade in his hand, and dangerously garbed in armour of shiny elaborate breast plate. “You have something that belongs to my employer”, were his words of welcome… next episode: MYSTERIOUS STRANGER

In the Witch of time...
Aythia: World In Turmoil: episode #8?

The sun was finding its path through a morning sky as returning friends, Aedia and Havloc, accompanied by the ever faithful leapord Meo and newly befriended Elven companion Bishoon Azza made their way back to Hedge Witch Clover; bearing a gift of rare mushrooms she had so desired them to find.

Unexpectadly the group found her house was empty, ransacked and abandoned.

Bishoon spotted tracks of three large humanlike creatures that had come and gone within the last day.    A crow cawed atop the home as the group investigated the scene. Suddenly, recoginsing the familiar caw, druidess Aedia incanted the ancient tongue and began speaking with the crow. The crow spoke to her of three large creatures that had kidnapped Clover and taken her down the plateau away from the city. In return for a delicious snake, the crow took to the air, guiding the friends to the mysterious abductors.

Upon seeing smoke from a distant bonfire, Bishoon volunteered (so to speak) to scout. Down below, rocky ground stretched out, broken only by a moderately sized chasm. beyond the crack a fire was being attended by a large ogrre. Further along rose a rocky pillar, which opened into a cave at its base, blurred with movement.

Returning to inform her companions, Bishoon offered the ability to enlarge one of them to appear the size of the ogres in order to fool them for a small while. Havloc suggested that he be the one to make big, and that he might be able to take the two companions as prisoners to the ogres in order to enhance the ruse.

Aedia expressed some concern that they may not be as prepared as they needed to be for such a battle, and finally consented to support the risky plan in order to bring Clover to safety immediately. She made her way down the rocky floor with Meo, snuck up to a surprise vantage, and prepared herself with Divine energy for the mission.

Unanimously the friends headed into the danger that lay ahead. Aedia signaled Havloc to be enlarged. Havloc grabbed Bishoon and hasted towards the ogre as the sunlight on his back dropped into the horizon; ending the day.

As he came closer, the ogre slowly slid his hand onto his cleaver uncertain of what was coming towards him.  Grumbleing inthe lanuage of the giants, He yelled to Havloc, “stop!” Just before Havloc leaped over a chasm.

Bishoon launched herself off Havloc and weaved magic which the ogres resisted. Aedia and Meo sprang to attack the unprepared ogre blocking the cave. Aedia felled the ogre with a precision swift swing of a scythe, left an ogre that slid into a top and bottom. Now twice his size, Havloc swung and traded steps with the attacking ogre that was once calmed by making the fire. Suddenly, a spiked bolt shot throught the air and beat into Havloc. Atop the rock pillar was an ogre in armour. With two heavy crossbows welded together, he fired at will towards the warrior.

The battle raged on as Bishoon tumbled passed an ogre, getting criticly wounded in the motion. Inside the cave, she searched and found the hedge witch unconscious in a cage. Closer, she easily saw that Clover was hurt, bruised, broken, unconscious – breathing. She reached inside her belt pocket and found a small blue sparkling liquid in a vial; for a moment she hesitated. wondering if it was the potion she guessed it to be and who needed it more at the moment, herself, who might not last long if attacked by an Ogre again, or Clover who was in near lifeless condition. She tipped the liquid into Clover's mouth and observed how her body reconstituted itself, and remained unconscious.

Meanwhile the Battle at the cave's opening had shifted and now only Havloc stood taunting the ogre who was sending metal arrows raining upon him. Aedia and Meo began to climb a rising exit in the back of the cave, likely leading to the top of the pillar behind the ogre. Bishoon carried Clover on her shoulder and headed towards the exit waving Havloc in. Havloc ran and climbed behind Aidia.

Just as Bishoon was pausing to reflect on the situation, she noticed a shadow and turned to see an ogre coming in the cave. “Incoming!” she yelled, seeing a bolt come crying through the air and peircing her body. She dropped to the ground bleeding heavily, Clover's body slamming along side hers. Aedia sensed something had happened beneath her. With 20 feet of fall, she and Meo jumped to the bottom, shocked with pain. She assessed the scene and conjured a small blood sucking deluge to distract the remaining ogre. Havloc attacked the ogre and missed. The ogre retalliated and Havloc smashed to the ground and raced Bishoon to bleed.

Aedia shared her energy to seal the wounds of the bleeding companions and they stabilized just seconds before dying. She leaped past the ogre who busted the body of the small animal draining his neck. Once beyond the ogre she healed the warrior havloc with her last spell, who, leaped up and threw his sword, which changed in size, into the ogre. The ogre, attempting to escape, attacked Aidia with a passion. She held him in conflict just long enough for Havloc to plunge his sword into the ogre's back. In one last burst the ogre ran past the druid Aedia and into the evening. Havloc followed, lept the chasm and aimed a crossbow to no avail as the ogre dodged the final attack and escaped.

They had managed to find Clover, narrowly surviving. They had punished two of her abductors. Clover now lay unconscious together with Bishoon.  Aedia, Meo and Havloc were exhausted and for the time being they were safe.





Campaign So Far...
Last time on Aythia: World In Turmoil

This is a quick recap of what has happened thus far in the campaign…

Havlock, Zaith and Aedia Iadara all met at the small seaside town of Bly and were, together with Clau, pulled into investigating the death of one of the five priests that rule over the town after his body was found washed up near the docks.

The three adventurers asked around and discovered that the priest would of fallen from the cliffs next to the lighthouse. They investigated the lighthouse and found a hidden trapdoor that lead into an underground room that had been taken over by a cabal of cultists who were (as they discovered later) working with the Priests of Bly to rid the town of a Lizardfolk threat that had been raiding ships from a cove below the lighthouse.

After killing or capturing the majority of the cultists, the PCs ventured further into the caverns that lead to the cave where the Lizardfolk dwelt. Once there, they killed the last of the cultists, including their leader, and what Lizardfolk were present.

While they were going through the spoils of their battle and resting up, the rest of the Lizardfolk returned from raiding and two of the adventurers (Aedia and Havlock, Zaith having went back into the tunnels to make sure no other surprises awaited them) posed as cultists and convinced the Lizardfolk Chieftain that Zaith was in fact the person who had done all this killing.

The Lizardfolk Chieftain let the two adventurers go and started to plan his revenge on this Zaith. Unbeknown to the Lizardfolk, Zaith managed to sneak back into the cave long enough to realise that the other two must of left and then he returned to the surface.

Meanwhile, Aedia and Havlock returned to Clau to find him unconscious and the two captured cultists gone. Clau informed them that they managed to escape after attacking him and made they get-away that very morning.

Once the adventurers were all togehter again they formulated a plan to trick the Lizardfolk into following Zaith to an out of the way abandoned temple, fearing that they would come looking for him in the town and kill innocents.

Zaith and Havlock, together with another Cleric, who was in town visiting a friend, travelled to this temple, while Aedia went back to the Lizardfolk to tell them of the whereabouts of Zaith in this old Dwarven temple. They believed her and took the bait. Aedia left soon after and took a short cut through Ravenwood so she could catch up with the others and have enough time to set up an ambush before the Lizardfolk arrived at the temple ruins.


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