Welcome to the World of Aythia!

Aythia is the name of the known world, which covers one huge continent and a mass of smaller islands.

The main continent is made up of Nation-States, each with its own power base and standing army. There is also a huge swath of land, known as the Border Region, which is not owned by any Nation and comprises of many smaller warring tribes.

The largest island, Ado, is located to the east and controls a vast area of the seas around it. The inhabitants of the the island are master shipwrights and sailors and enforce the control of the seas with large battle-ready ships.

The small town of Bly, along the Ashen Coast, was where the heroes Aedia Iadara, Zaith Healhand and Havloc first met.

Aythia is made up of 13 Nations, which each control a portion of the continent. The largest of these is Draar in the north-east.


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